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Watching an anal movie you’ve most likely wondered how do those girls get such wide open assholes? It looks like a deep cavern just waiting for a big dick. The secret is regular training, if you’re interested in getting a real life advice on how to get this type of ass at home every day, get your girlfriend on board to do some anal stretching. She’ll love it once she’s used to it – look at the look on the actresses faces, that’s pure pleasure and utter joy. Your girl will be happy you brought her home anal toys.

Here is how to talk her into anal stretching: A common complaint about sex toys is the material is too firm. This is true as several rubbers look very realistic but in fact are quite firm. Anal toys are another style of sex toy hat can cause discomfort. Today we will introduce you to an entirely new style of butt plug. This is one that inflates.

First comical but once you undertaken why these are invented in the first place, it will make sense. Try to envision it or just look at one of the pictures. To insert the plug into the rectum is normal, then with the squeeze of the bulb the balloon inflates inside the body. These balloons should not pop, firstly your body won’t allow it to get that large. Secondly the pressure from your muscles inside is even and thrifty the balloon is latex and thick a durable compound that can withstand the pressure.

To maximize the pleasure, use any of the anal lubricant as these are made specifically for uses in the back side, For adults curious about the difference, the anal forum is much thicker the vaginal lubricants preventing it from running and becoming messy. Since the anus is a tighter fit then a vagina. The extra squeeze requires something much thicker.

Now you have a girlfriend with a wide open anus and next thing you know is she will need your dick to fill it up and make it feel good.

It’s been a while since I’ve written last. Some paycheck from the banners and stuff have come in – thank you to all who found what I have to say interesting! Today I will touch on a subject which some may think is unrelated but I think it’s internet gold. Anything to inspire new ideas is going to be good especially in by blog about all female sexuality, right? Okay here it is: What a dildo will do for your clit. When you’re lusting for a big cock as well do something is, don’t let your clitoris take the back burner.

Insert the dildo nice and big and stick in the pussy. Big is good, when looking for a big dildo online it can be hard to judge the size but I found this incredible store that has hand holding the dildos so you get a real perspective on how big they are: this store did a really nice service to all us horny women, we always need to know how big a Dick is! For example, how many of us would have bought the Black Thunder flock only to realize it’s the size of a freaking’ fire extinguisher? Right, some of us probably have back then, but Doc Johnson keeps putting them out anyway! OK back onto point.

When it comes to the dildo, give the clitoris some attention the dildo needs to be big becuase as stretching your vagina inwards and the lips are spread, the clitoris seem get get lifted up, the stretch causes it to peek out of it’s shell like a fish coming out of an anemone. A weird analysis perhaps but for women who know what I’m talking about that’s the best description. Put lube on your finger insert the dildo and run the exposed clitoris in several fast circles. The start the thrust the dildo slowly. Move with the same brassiness as the circular pitons in circular like a pattern. This is the finest way to masturbate. If you’ve read this far no doubt you’ve just come across my purpose for his post, it’s hot blooded masturbation tip for women – because I’m that nice!

Yes I figured this out my accident. I purchased one of said big dildos and I really liked it alot. I find that circular motions with silicone lube is netter too since water based tends to absorb into the skin – especially when it’s being stretched wide the way it is. Silicone may not be good for your dildo so essential to rinse it off afterwards. I loved masturbating with the big dildo and I will do so again, maybe one day when I get more courage I will put up a photo for y’all!

The freshest flavor you can get here on Clitoral We’ve searched the internet far and wide to find you the best clitty ponro flicks and finally, after months of touring (it’s been HARD work:) we’ve found the ultimate site. You need to sign up for this huge site. If you worship clits like we do then this is your grandmaster holy grail of clitorises big, puffy and grand.

If you are new here and don’t know what’s so great about big clitorises, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you check out our new resource. Women with large clits and puffy lips seem to enjoy more stimulation, they are more sensitive to pleasure which makes sense from a physical standpoint because they have more flesh so there should be more sensation. Typically they tend to be more honey.

Women with huge clitorises know that men love their goods and they show them off. They’ve got something special and they flaunt it well. When you have sex with a lady with a huge clit, it’s easy to rub it to get to to orgasm with you. When you have sex with a women with huge lips, they wrap your cock for an incredible view that most men never get to experience – unless they’re very lucky of course. You can watch the clit closeups and puffy lip sex and imagine you’re right there in the action.

You don’t need a special crazy clit toy for a good clitoral orgasm. This quick note is to tell you that you only need a basic bullet vibrator. Thee are some complicated clit toys that look like dolphins, animals , flowers or other cutsie things that women think are pretty but you don’t need all that.

The only reason that the dolphin vibrator and the butterfly vibrator are popular is because it’s marketed so well to women and they think it’s pretty. These are not necessary and sometimes the features will get in the way of your pleasure. Just get the good old fashioned rounded silver bullet. Hold it over your clitoris, turn on the vibrations and wait a few seconds, you’ll orgasm before you even know it.

You can use it by yourself or during sex because it won’t interfere with your sexual position. The perfect sex toy doesn’t need any frills and costs as much as your lunch. What could be better then that?

Hey guys, did you know that the most persuasive way to get a lady to love fooling around with you lies in proper clitty licking?

It’s a fact, when you can handle her clitoris properly with your mouth, that’s the key factor in giving her pleasure. Men aren’t very good at g-spot manipulation, you usually suck at fingering. You’ve got it all wrong because women can finger themselves, and if you did know this now you do: sex toys feel better then your fingering.

You’re not that good. Porn stars fake it and so does your lady. If you can handle her clitoris properly, this she won’t fake. The main reason is that women can finger themselves, they can get their own g-spot so they know exactly what feels good, but women can’t lick their own clitorises so they can’t replicate this feeling. This is where men come into play.

There are the 2 most popular clittly licking tips you need to know now:

If you want to make her feel good, which will in turn get her to take her pants off for you regularity, follow these sex tips:

1.) Lick in Circular motions.
If you flick the tongue or hit your tongue against the clitties, that feels OK, but just OK. There is no way that a woman will ever orgasm from you flicking your tongue. It’s embarrassing for you and you’re wasting your time. She won’t tell you this though to spare your feelings but I don’t know you so I will tell you not to do that. Believe me. Move the tip of your tongue in circles. Press light, press hard. Both feel good but harder is better. Make your tinge pointy and really did in there. We’re not that sensitive but keep moving in circles like a flowing motion. We love that.

2.) Lick flat with your tongue up and down.
Think about what you like on your penis. You like the flat hand pumping up and won. Now think of a woman’s clitoris as a little penis and manipulate it the same way you would want your penis stroked. Flat and hard pressure up and down will really make us moan and it won’t be fake.

Here’s what NOT to do:

If you don’t want to be talked about behind your back, I highly recommend avoiding these common practices during fellatio:

1.) Blowing on the clit.
That’s juts retarded. There is no reason why anyone would get any pleasure from blowing on the clit. If you do this she’ll think you’re an idiot and you have no idea about female pleasure.

2.) Biting the clit.
Again think of the clitoris as a little penis. Would you want your penis bitten? No. Gummed, maybe but never bitten.

3.)Slapping the clit.
This is annoying. They do it porno movies only because it looks good, trust me the porn stars are faking it when you see this. Would you want your penis slapped? Not likely.

For men, the big life motivator is sex. Sometimes it’s also broken down to sub-catgeories like boobs, butts, vaginas, hips, lips, clits and women. The big one is sex. It’s why guys buy women dinner and take them to the movies. If it weren’t for sex, there would not really be a need to do all these things, that’s what friends are for.

I need to re-focus your attention on the main part for women, it’s all about the clitoris. It’s such a mighty thing that this entire blog is dedicated purely to the clitoris. It is too underestimated and put on the back burner. Men should focus more on the clitoris because that’s what women focus on. It’s pretty much impossible to orgasm without proper clitoral stimulation. men, you need to work that magic button of wonder.

Pay lots of attention to the clitoris. Suck on it, pull at it, roll it between your fingertips. Women LOVE it when their clit is rolled between the fingertips, just like rolling a joint, you need to roll the clit. make your fingers wet and slide the clit between your finger tulips. There you have it, the million dollar suggestion. Every women who has a bed buddy knows that this is what keeps them cumming back for more.

Be educated when you go there too, watch porn with clitoral closeups. Don’t just sit there and jerk off to it, think about what you;re seeing (I know this may be difficult but give it a try anyway!) Observe and then re-create what you;’re seeing. Keep in mind that often porn movies show angles that are suitable for viewing so you don’t need these extreme angles, but if you replicate the clitoral close up yourself, you can surely bring her to a good orgasm.

There are a few different vaginal and clitoral pumps on the market. Here is how to properly harness this suction to give you the best possible outcome. First of all, skip the pussy pump. They don’t really do much for you at all. They will pull your vagina lips into the cylinder as you create a vacuum by pumping out all the air. This does a little for your sexual arousal, but it will never r be enough to make you cum.

These are best for strippers who are about to go on stage and perform, it makes your pussy lips engorged, guaranteeing that you will have more appealing vagina then the other ladies and men will huck more dollars for you. But be careful not to pump right before or at least make sure yo do it right because if the pussy pump does not fit snugly and perfectly enough, you’ll have plastic cup makes sucked into your vagina and that will just make people wonder what the hell is up, and you’ll most likely be embarrassed.

I like the clitoral pumps. these little magical devises can do sp much for your sex life. It’s a tiny cup that goes over the clitoris and when you squeeze the air out of it, it sucks your clitoris inside and gives you a great,e changing feel. It is perfect for making your clitoris butt ion come out of the labia folds. It will stand taller and be much more sensitive. Then you can get your man to give you good head because your button is in it’s raised position.

Some clitoral pumps may vibrate and this can add a hugely intense sensation. These are great. Another side effect of the clitoral pump is that it will help you produce natural vaginal lubrication, enabling more comfortable sex. The clitoral pump can also be used while masturbating, insert a vibrator and pump your clit for a feel that will have you come back here to read the next clitoral tip!

There are some women that like to have their clitoris pierced only for better sex. I couldn’t imagine the pain that would cause, If you are going to do this, I would recommend that you put desensitizer on it first. Desensitizer is found under ejaculation control foramen on most sex shops.

This is a safe to use topical cream that numbs the area with benzocaine which is the same ingredient used by desensitizes when they are numbing your mouth. It will reduce some of the sensation on the surface, but once the needle goes through there will probably be allot of pain, but using this will surely numb you a bit to reduce the pain.

Lots of women like the feel of serious clitoral stimulation but you need to heed this warning, a horseback ride can give you an orgasm. riding on a bumpy road can give you an orgasm. pretty much the lightest stimulation will cause an orgasm because you have this smooth metal object loosely rubbing against your clitoris at all times! You do get better sex but then you also get orgasms all the time and you will probably have constant wet panties from your natural lubrication ramping up ti’s production to meet your sexual arousal.

There may be permanent damage when the clitoris has to desensitizes intense naturally because it’s always being stimulated. Perhaps over time you may notice that your feeling decreases as it adjusts to many spontaneous orgasms which is not a natural thing. Be careful with clitoral piercing and do your research first so that you don’t end up with a numb clit when you’re older.

There are many ways to add heightened sensation to the clitoris. Today I’ll explore the contrasting temperature effect of a chill on the clitoris. Men can learn allot from this because they don’t have clit so you have no idea what to do, and for women, this tip might add that little bit if variety into your sex life that will make it really shine with erotic pleasure.

Using an ice cube is a common trick for blow jobs for men, but fir women the clitoris is very sensitive, read the post below about how sensitive it is because if how many nerve endings it has compared to the penis. You can’t treat it the same way. You can put an ice cube on the clit, it will be too sensitive and may cause too much discomfort. This is best left only to kinky couples who like pain but for the regular folks like us, direct contact with an ice cube is not a good idea.

This is how to harness the power of cold during foreplay: The man should out an ice cube in his mouth and hold it over the tip of his tongue. Then close your mouth and let it sit there until it melt a little bit. Then remove the ice cube and lick her clitoris. The cold feel of your cold wet tongue will be externally invigorating and you are almost guaranteed that she will love it because this effect on the sensitive clitoris will be well received. It will add to her experience and I don’t think there’s a lady out there who won’t like this because of the way it feels and the chill is light enough not to be uncomfortable.

Another problem with putting the ice cube directly of the clitoris is that it’s hard. The tongue is soft so it adds comfort which is very important. Iou can slow let some water melt in your mouth and then spit it gently over her clit and the cold water running down the vagina will also be very erotic. It’s like a sensual tease with the contrast between the hot natural lubrication and the cold water from the mouth. Enjoy iced cube play in this fashion and it will certainly add a lot of pleasure to foreplay, also in turn making sex feel really fantastic.

The clitoris is a tiny little button and is the source of so much pleasure. It can trigger emotional responses, it can make a lady feel loved, feel great. It tingles with an unmistakable joy when an attractive guy passes by, it throbs with pleasure when lady is being kissed on the neck. The clitoris is the source of female pleasure and being so small, it has such a big impact.

Hence the fact that this entire blog is dedicated to the clitoris, it’s no wonder that it’s a mystical thing that men – and even women – try to understand. Not as mysterious as the g-spot, a guy can easily locate the clitoris but it takes special handling because it’s such a sensitive spot on a women.

There are 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris, which is double the amount in the penis which attests to how strong of pleasure women can feel when it’s stimulated. Most women cannot have an orgasm with out clitoral stimulation. The clitoris is not only the button you see but it;’s like an iceberg floating ion an ocean, there is much hidden beneath, only a small part is visible from the surface.

When you manipulate the clitoris, you are also touching the part underneath that also has nerve endings which relay directly to the brain and cause intense pleasure. When the clitoris is stimulated, it fills with blood and then becomes more sensitive, so that each touch the sensations feel heightened and orgasm becomes possible.

The penis really parallels the penis in many ways and in the embryonic form, the genital tubercle is there and develops into wither a penis or a clitoris, so before our sexes are determined, men and women both have the same genital tubercle and then once the chromosomes determine if the gender is male or female, then it develops into a penis or clitoris.
Isin’t nature interesting?