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There are some women that like to have their clitoris pierced only for better sex. I couldn’t imagine the pain that would cause, If you are going to do this, I would recommend that you put desensitizer on it first. Desensitizer is found under ejaculation control foramen on most sex shops.

This is a safe to use topical cream that numbs the area with benzocaine which is the same ingredient used by desensitizes when they are numbing your mouth. It will reduce some of the sensation on the surface, but once the needle goes through there will probably be allot of pain, but using this will surely numb you a bit to reduce the pain.

Lots of women like the feel of serious clitoral stimulation but you need to heed this warning, a horseback ride can give you an orgasm. riding on a bumpy road can give you an orgasm. pretty much the lightest stimulation will cause an orgasm because you have this smooth metal object loosely rubbing against your clitoris at all times! You do get better sex but then you also get orgasms all the time and you will probably have constant wet panties from your natural lubrication ramping up ti’s production to meet your sexual arousal.

There may be permanent damage when the clitoris has to desensitizes intense naturally because it’s always being stimulated. Perhaps over time you may notice that your feeling decreases as it adjusts to many spontaneous orgasms which is not a natural thing. Be careful with clitoral piercing and do your research first so that you don’t end up with a numb clit when you’re older.