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Hey guys, did you know that the most persuasive way to get a lady to love fooling around with you lies in proper clitty licking?

It’s a fact, when you can handle her clitoris properly with your mouth, that’s the key factor in giving her pleasure. Men aren’t very good at g-spot manipulation, you usually suck at fingering. You’ve got it all wrong because women can finger themselves, and if you did know this now you do: sex toys feel better then your fingering.

You’re not that good. Porn stars fake it and so does your lady. If you can handle her clitoris properly, this she won’t fake. The main reason is that women can finger themselves, they can get their own g-spot so they know exactly what feels good, but women can’t lick their own clitorises so they can’t replicate this feeling. This is where men come into play.

There are the 2 most popular clittly licking tips you need to know now:

If you want to make her feel good, which will in turn get her to take her pants off for you regularity, follow these sex tips:

1.) Lick in Circular motions.
If you flick the tongue or hit your tongue against the clitties, that feels OK, but just OK. There is no way that a woman will ever orgasm from you flicking your tongue. It’s embarrassing for you and you’re wasting your time. She won’t tell you this though to spare your feelings but I don’t know you so I will tell you not to do that. Believe me. Move the tip of your tongue in circles. Press light, press hard. Both feel good but harder is better. Make your tinge pointy and really did in there. We’re not that sensitive but keep moving in circles like a flowing motion. We love that.

2.) Lick flat with your tongue up and down.
Think about what you like on your penis. You like the flat hand pumping up and won. Now think of a woman’s clitoris as a little penis and manipulate it the same way you would want your penis stroked. Flat and hard pressure up and down will really make us moan and it won’t be fake.

Here’s what NOT to do:

If you don’t want to be talked about behind your back, I highly recommend avoiding these common practices during fellatio:

1.) Blowing on the clit.
That’s juts retarded. There is no reason why anyone would get any pleasure from blowing on the clit. If you do this she’ll think you’re an idiot and you have no idea about female pleasure.

2.) Biting the clit.
Again think of the clitoris as a little penis. Would you want your penis bitten? No. Gummed, maybe but never bitten.

3.)Slapping the clit.
This is annoying. They do it porno movies only because it looks good, trust me the porn stars are faking it when you see this. Would you want your penis slapped? Not likely.